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Our Notable Case Results

    • 2660 N Palm Aire Drive, Pompano Beach, FL

      $1MM purchase of existing commercial building by non-profit religious organization

    • 2700 W Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL

      $6.2MM purchase/$4.7MM loan- 4 Acre Shopping Center, 75+ tenants

    • 3800 N University Drive, Sunrise, FL

      $5.6MM purchase/ $3.9MM loan- 4.6 Acre Shopping Center, 20+ tenants

    • Lighthouse Point, FL

      $2.3MM purchase/$1.4MM loan of waterfront estate

    • Miami, FL Short Sale

      $1MM short sale of residential estate. Negotiated and closed in three weeks, over $400k of personal liability discharged

    • Southwest Ranches, FL

      $1MM short sale of residential estate. Over $700k of personal liability discharged

    • Lurensky Trust ¬v Dine

      Deed Reformation/Quiet Title Action based on mistaken transfer to defunct foreign corporation over 30 years prior to case filing.

    • Confidential Settlements

      While going to trial is great, it does come with risks. That is why the vast majority of cases in the United States, end with settlements. I have literally been involved with hundreds of settlements which have either netted or saved my clients (depending on of they were the plaintiff or defendant) hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of these settlements involve confidentiality clauses, so I can’t relay any of the specific information involved.

    • HSBC vs. Kahan

      $900k+ Mortgage Foreclosure Action. Judgment entered in favor of Homeowner Defendant. At trial bank was unable to prove (a) that it had standing to foreclose the mortgage, (b) that it owned the mortgage and (c) what its damages were.

    • PMP Village LLC vs. Side Pockets Broward LLC

      Tenant eviction action based on alleged termination of the Lease. Successfully proved that despite the fact that Lease stated that it could only be amended in writing, the parties had amended the lease orally and that the court had to enforce the oral amendments

    • 7738 NW 44th Street, Sunrise, FL

      $9.3MM purchase/$7.4MM loan- 10 acre Shopping Center, 50+ tenants

    • 762 NW 183rd Street, Miami, FL

      $2.82MM purchase/$1.5MM loan assumption- 4.2 Acre Shopping Center, 20+ tenants