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ADA Compliance

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When Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1992, they did so with the best of intentions. They wanted to ensure that all citizens had the same access to public facilities. Unfortunately, lawsuits against business and property owners for ADA violations have become a cottage industry for lawyers who look to find any violation and file a lawsuit. Because of the way the ADA is drafted, these suits can come without warning. Adding insult to injury, if a court finds that there is even a minor violation, you as the owner may be liable to pay attorney’s fees and costs. Litigating these cases to their conclusion can be time-consuming and expensive, and in most cases, the owner cannot recover their attorney’s fees, even if they win.

Commonly noted ADA violations include:

  • Failure to have a wheelchair ramp installed where necessary
  • Not having handicap parking spots
  • Inadequate restroom accommodations for disabled people
  • Not having handrails on walkways and stairways
  • Walkways that are too steep or narrow
  • Problems with elevator or escalator systems

It is often the best option for a property owner to settle these cases quickly by agreeing to make some reasonable alterations and agreeing to pay a reduced attorney’s fee. When you work with a Sunrise business lawyer at Focused Legal Solutions, we will charge you a flat fee to represent you in court, conduct a preliminary inspection of the real property, and suggest quick and inexpensive ways for you to comply with the law and reduce your costs. One of the best defenses to these suits is that any alteration must be readily achievable and not cause undue hardship to the owner. We will work with you and the plaintiff’s attorney to get your case settled quickly, so you can concentrate on more important matters.

If we can't reach a settlement, or you don't want to, we can fight to protect your interests. In some of these ADA violation cases, the individual who brings the suit against you is a plaintiff in hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases and has likely never visited your property, or only visited for the purposes of determining if there is an ADA violation. If you want to take a stand and fight the unjust application of this law, we can put our litigation experience for you.

Do not face an ADA complaint alone. Contact a Sunrise business attorney at (954) 800-2664.


If you feel that a charge is frivolous, it can be easy to put off a response or even ignore the complaint entirely. However, you cannot afford to do so.

Penalties for unresolved ADA violations include fines up to $75,000 for a first violation and fines up to $150,000 for a subsequent violation. If the complainant successfully brings an ADA lawsuit to court, they can both win damages and recover their attorney fees under the ADA and Unruh Act.

The good news is that many ADA complaints can be settled quickly, without the need for a drawn-out court case. Often, simple and affordable changes will bring you into compliance. If you prefer to fight a case through the courts, we can stand with you and protect your rights.

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