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Offering Remote Online Notarization Services for Florida Real Estate Closings

As of Jan. 1, 2020, a Florida statute signed into law last year makes it possible for online notarization services to commence. As a result, Focused Legal Solutions is proud to announce that we’re capable of meeting our clients’ needs for a notary public’s help on an online and remote basis.

Thanks to this new law, we can now perform remote real estate closings and other document signings that require notarization. As long as this law remains on the books, we’ll be prepared to help our clients close their real estate deals and more at almost anytime, anywhere!

How Does Remote Online Notarization Work (RON)?

The state government in Florida is now allowing notaries public to conduct business and provide their services on an online basis. So, how does this work? Using a secure audio-video connection, we can verify identity and notarization of your real estate closings and other documents. Recorded in real time and saved for future reference, these sessions will also involve digital document signing and stamping.

How Does This Differ from E-Notarization?

E-notarization has been a practice in Florida since 2007, but it still requires notaries public to follow many of the same procedures as in-person notarization. Due to advances in teleconferencing technologies and security, remote online notarization no longer requires all signers and witnesses to physically be in the same room at signing. In fact, all participants could be in different states as long as they are all participating in a real-time remote online notarization session at the same time.

In short: Unlike e-notarization, this process is effectively an entirely digital alternative for notarization.

Do You Need Access to a Notary Public Now?

If you need an important document notarized right now and can’t meet due to inconvenience or government closures, reach out to Focused Legal Solutions for help. Simply reach out to us and let us know you’re interested in taking advantage of an online document notarization with someone from our office who can help.

To get started, contact us online or call (954) 800-2664 today!